Working with tables

It is possible to dynamically modify tables in your documents. At the moment conditional display of both rows and columns is supported.

It is possible to dynamically hide both table columns and rows at the same time. But hiding rows has always higher priority, meaning if you put a hideColumn() marker in a row that is hidden, the marker can not take effect and the column will not be hidden.

Do not put a hideColumn marker in a possibly hidden row.

Dynamic rows

It is possible to dynamically show/hide or repeat table rows.

Repeating rows

Conditionally hiding or repeating rows is similar to what we do with any other kind of content. Just place a conditional expression in the first column of the affected row and close it in the first column of the next row.

For example, when you want to hide a row, see the following:

Name Price
{%for x in rows%} {} {%=x.price%}

Hiding rows

You can use multiple strategies to hide rows. First is to put the parts of the conditional before/after the row to be hidden.

The second way is to embed a {%=hideRow()%} marker to the row you want to hide.

Dynamic columns

It is a little bit tricky to dynamically manage column but it is certainly possible!

Hiding columns

It is a little more complicated to dynamically hide a column.

Place a {%=hideColumn()%} marker to hide the current column. It makes sense to include it inside a conditional block.

The following example will hide the second column if the price_hidden property is true.

Name Price {%if price_hidden %} {%=hideColumn()%} {%end%}
Tennis ball $12
Basket ball $123

When you hide a column the table’s dimensions need to be re-aligned. You can specify strategies to control how the columns will be sized after the column is hidden.

Default behaviour is cut.

Repeating columns

It is currently not supported to insert repeating columns. Use copies of the column and conditional column hiding to achieve a similar effect.