Math and Logics

It is possible to embed complex mathematical equations and logical formulae in the document logic.

Simple math

operator symbol example meaning
addition + a + b sum of a and b
subtraction - a - b, x-1 value of a minus b
multiplication * a*b value of a multiplied by b
division / a/b value of a divided by b
modulo % a%b remainder of a after divided by b

Logics in conditions

You can use logical operators in the expressions. These are useful inside conditional expressions.

operator symbol example meaning
conjuction (and) & a & b both a and b are not null and not false values
disjunction (or) | a|b either a or b or both are not null or false
negation (not) ! !a value a is false or null

Function calls

There are simple functions you can call from within the template documents. Read more on the Functions documentation